Floyd Mayweather Says He's Giving Up All Of His Championship Belts & Titles - "I'm Not Greedy"

Floyd Mayweather Says He’s Giving Up All Of His Championship Belts & Titles – “I’m Not Greedy”


If you were tuned in to the #maypac fight then you probably heard that Floyd Mayweather announced that he will only participate in one more fight after his victory last night. 

This fight will not be a championship title fight, instead he is trying to fulfill his contract with showtime. 

The big news was that he announced he would also be giving up all of his titles as well for the new kids on the block.
Here’s what he said: 

“Other fighters need a chance. Other fighters need to get a chance,” Mayweather said. “I’m not greedy. It’s time to let other fighters fight for the belt.”
 Floyd’s arch enemy T.I. (They got into a huge altercation around this time last year) congratulated him and buried the hatchet.


Meanwhile , Mike Tyson and comedian Lil Duval expressed their disappointment in the “boring fight” on Twitter.

What y’all think? Were you catching zzzz during the #maypac fight? Seems like the streets weren’t impressed! Are you mad you spent that hundred doe?