It Goes Down In Tammy & Waka Flocka's DM's

It Goes Down In Tammy & Waka Flocka’s DM’s

If you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this season, then you know Tammy Rivera and her husband Waka Flocka were going through some serious issues. Waka’s infidelity became to much for Tammy to handle and she ultimately made the decision to separate from him. The two appeared on the “BreakFast Club” this week with Charlamagne and let their fans know that they are taking the steps to getting their relationship back on track, and spilled some juicy tea!

Now Roommates you know how it goes when you have pictures of you and your bae on social media, and the minute words travel that you two are no longer together, people start blowing up your DM’s.

Now it’s not surprising that Tammy & Waka’s DM’s were blowing up, but it was surprising to learn who was in them #Roommates!

Waka said there were rappers and athletes from the 90s to now up in Tammy’s DM trying to holla! Now he kept it cool and didn’t put any individuals on blast but Tammy on the other hand didn’t hold back.

She made it very clear that, yes there are girl sliding into Waka’s DM’s, and one of those is on the same show she’s on, just a different city, Hollywood! Tammy let it be known that she’s still waiting for the two to cross paths so that’ll be interesting to watch of #LHH cameras are rolling.

#Roommates which LA cast member do you think was up in Waka’s DM?