Google Employee Murdered In Broad Daylight

Google Employee Murdered In Broad Daylight

A 27-year-old woman who worked for Google was visiting her parents in Leominster, Massachusetts when she was killed in broad daylight on Sunday, leaving her parents wondering who would do such a horrific thing to their only child.

According to Daily Mail, Vanessa Marcotte went out for a jog and never returned. Police ended up finding her body just a half mile from her mother’s home.

A source revealed to Fox25 Boston, that investigators are looking at the possibility that Vanessa was raped and set on fire because she had burns on her hands, head and feet.

The news was extremely devastating for the victim’s father, John Marcotte, 64, who had just had dinner with Vanessa just a couple hours before her life was tragically cut short the next day.
He recalled: ‘I was with her. We went out to eat at the Chop House on Saturday night. After that, the next day, she was dead,’ according to Daily Mail.