Hit The Floor Star Taylour Paige Says Earl Hayes Doesn't Deserve A "Rest In Peace" After Losing Her Close Friend!

Hit The Floor Star Taylour Paige Says Earl Hayes Doesn’t Deserve A “Rest In Peace” After Losing Her Close Friend!

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“Hit The Floor” Vh1 star, Taylour Paige, has had an interesting year filled with accomplishments and tragedies. Just a couple of months ago she lost her friend and our former college classmate Simone Battle to suicide. It was a tough blow and she publicly spoke about her pain over the situation. Now, she has just lost another close friend, Stephanie Moseley, in a murder-suicide involving Earl Hayes.

Yesterday morning the police were called to the Palazzo East Complex near the Grove in Los Angeles after receiving reports of gunshots and a woman screaming. When police arrived to the scene Earl Hayes (Floyd Mayweather’s best friend) and “Hit The Floor” dancer Stephanie Moseley were found dead. A gun was found at the scene and police suspect it was a murder-suicide. In fact, Floyd Mayweather was presumably the last person to speak to Earl before the incident occurred.

Taylour lashed out today on social media and said that Earl Hayes, who shot Stephanie, doesn’t deserve any “Rest In Peace” wishes. She feels that what he did was despicable.

He stole our baby from us! I’m angry!!!!!! IM SO SO SO SO SO ANGRY. I get infuriated seeing these RIP to Hayes. I’m sorry but no, you don’t get to rest in peace. You stole her from us. You were supposed to protect her unconditionally. You were supposed to let her fly and live her dreams. People have to feel free in their love. I’m just sick. I’m literally sick to my stomach, and there’s nothing irrational about what I’m saying. I spent time with Hayes and would never rebel or object someone’s rest in peace but today I do. FUCK YOUR RIP.

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The only comfort in this entire situation is knowing BABYGIRL didn’t have a single bit of talent left. She used everything God gave her, even in facing the toughest roads in her life. She was everything to me. She was my big sister. She was the heart of our show. She was my therapist. She was my diary sometimes. She made everything better. People left her presence happier and uplifted. She shared some of the most beautiful people with me in my entire life, including her mommy. I just want to wake up from this. We will never ever be the same.”


We understand how heartbroken she is over this. However, it’s important to remember that Earl Hayes has family too. He has people that love him that not only have to deal with the fact that he is no longer here, but also have to endure the public backlash that tarnishes his memory. We have to consider the people that are still living and suffering a loss as well. We just send our prayers to everyone involved in the situation!