Instagram Can't Hold Us Back! Here Is Our New Instagram Page! #BringBackTheShadeRoom

Instagram Can’t Hold Us Back! Here Is Our New Instagram Page! #BringBackTheShadeRoom

Instagram is not about to hold us back and neither will the haters that had us deleted. We have  overwhelming support from you all and with your loyalty we will be back better than ever. The truth is that this wasn’t just an Instagram account for us, It was a business that paid bills…a dream and a vision.

Some may say, “It’s not that big of a deal”. You are right, it’s not. We will be back serving the TEA as always.

When you are shining people will try to dim your light at any cost. Here’s the thing, you can’t give up because you got one flat tire. You still have 3 good ones left! We have an even bigger following on Facebook (click here to follow by liking our page) and we will be okay.

When we come back stronger than we left, you will be able to be inspired by our story. You will get to watch us get knocked down and come back up again. You will get to witness all of the hardwork and dedication that it will take for us to build an even bigger following. You will see that if we can do it then you have the power to bounce back after your challenges as well. This is what success is all about! If you don’t experience challenges and setbacks on your way to the top then you won’t be prepared for greatness. Remember, the only difference between winners and losers is that winners keep going no matter what!

They deleted our page but they didn’t delete the #Roommates !

In the meantime, please support us by reposting a screenshot of our back up instagram page @TheShadeRoomInc with the hashtag #BringBackTheShadeRoom and #TheShadeRoom ! It will help us get our roomies back so they can DM us the TEA!

You can find us on Instagram @TheShadeRoomInc for now! Tell your family and your friends!