James Harden Allegedly Sends Entourage To Rob Moses Malone’s Son!

James Harden Allegedly Sends Entourage To Rob Moses Malone’s Son!

James Harden may have some explaining to do because he allegedly got his entourage to rob Moses Malone Jr., the son of the late NBA legend Moses Malone, for calling him out after recognizing how much he’s overcharging the youth at his basketball camp!

According to The Washington Post, Malone spoke with Kaitlin McCulley of KTRK-TV and spilled the tea! Malone claims he was at V-Live Houston, Saturday morning, when five men approached him, four carrying guns. He was robbed at gunpoint and they robbers made of with $15000 worth of jewelry.

Malone believed that the robbery occurred because of a Facebook post he put out that said: “Don’t he make WAY more $ then Donald Driver??? But he charging $249 & the inner city kids have no chance to go to his camp. Hollywood Harden…#Fact”

The security at the club was trying to break up the fight, according to V-Live’s representative.

There was still no sign of Harden present at the celebrity hotspot of Houston, Texas. “I don’t believe Mr. Harden was at the club, and I definitely don’t believe he had anything to do with an attack on Mr. Malone,” Carl A. Moore of V-Live said. “And so the club’s position is that Mr. Malone is a regular of the club. We would have done everything we could to make sure he was safe.”

Houston police are still under investigation and no charges have been filed yet.

TSR Intern: Charise W.
Instagram: @planet_reese