John McCain's Son, Jack McCain Claps Back At Old Navy Racists!

John McCain’s Son, Jack McCain Claps Back At Old Navy Racists!

Hey, Roommates! Do you guys recall when we reported on some racists being upset about an Old Navy ad earlier this week? Basically, an interracial couple was featured in a sales ad with a darker-skinned son and ignorance ensued by calling the woman and the young boy out of their names and even alluding that the white man pictured was their slave owner!

Now, the racists clearly had their field day, but that doesn’t really matter anymore, because interracial couples around the world are clapping back in support of Old Navy by tweeting pictures of themselves with their significant others! Senator John McCain’s son, Jack, joined in and shared a photo of his African-American, Air Force Officer wife, Renee, and captioned it “To the people upset about the #OldNavy “Scandal” of an a picture of a mixed race marriage, eat it.” He then followed up with a photo of their wedding day!