Judge Sentences Girl To A Walk Of Shame After Failing To Pay Her Cab Driver !!

Judge Sentences Girl To A Walk Of Shame After Failing To Pay Her Cab Driver !!

30 days in prison or walk 30 miles in 48 hours? We’ll take 30 mile walk of shame for $400! That’s exactly what fate defendant, Victoria Bascom, chose for her self when she faced the same question in court in Ohio.

Judge Cicconeti sentenced Victoria Bascom to walk 30 miles in consequence of failure to pay her cab fare.

She argues that because she wasn’t the last person in the cab, she assumed the remaining passengers would cover the cost but that surely wasn’t the case.

The Judge then asked what she would have done had she not found cab. She responded, “Walk.” After that answer, he felt that it was only right said that she put her money where her mouth is or atleast her money on some comfortable shoes because she’s going to need them!


The court will record her mileage progress with a GPS. Furthermore she has to serve three days of community service AND still pay the cab the fare that she owed.


Victoria’s sentence isn’t the first odd punishment handed down by this particular judge. Judge Cicconetti once sentenced a woman to mace herself because she maced someone in a Burger King. Evidently, he has no shame in his game as he stated, “I wouldn’t do anything illegal. Will there be maybe some public feedback or whatever? I don’t care. I do whatever I think is right. I do whatever I think will prevent a person from coming back in the courts again.”


Well if the punishment fits the crime do the time! Let’s chat below !!


Source: Madame Noire, http://madamenoire.com/536964/woman-sentenced-to-walk-30-miles-after-ditching-a-cab/



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