Judge Stops Whitney Houston’s Estate From Auctioning Off Her Emmy

Judge Stops Whitney Houston’s Estate From Auctioning Off Her Emmy

Recently news broke that Whitney Houston’s personal belongings would be up for grabs through Heritage Auctions. Some fans of the late singer thought it was disrespectful for her estate to do so, while others couldn’t of been more excited.

However, one of the items up for auction had to make its way back to Whitney’s estate.

On Friday a federal judge ruled that auctioneers couldn’t continue with the sale of Whitney’s 1986 Emmy Award.

According to Rolling Stone, the organizations that oversee the Emmy’s argued that contractually when an artist wins an Emmy, the award is loaned to them and cannot be sold.

When it comes to Whitney’s award, it was lined up for storage in her memory if the estate were to hand over its ownership.

Heritage Auction’s spokesperson told AP, “We fought the good fight, but we respect the court’s decision.”

Although the award was returned to Houston’s estate, the auction continued with multiple awards still up for grabs. Other awards include her American Music Awards, People Choice Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards.


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