K. Michelle Talks About Beef With Elle Varner & Her Relationship With Meek Mill - "She Tried To Be Me"

K. Michelle Talks About Beef With Elle Varner & Her Relationship With Meek Mill – “She Tried To Be Me”


K. Michelle sat down with Hot 97 to discuss her new projects, like her new musical “Rebellious Soul” produced by Idris Elba that promises to be a good show and will premiere this Tuesday on Vh1. Ebro also asked her about her friendship with Elle Varner and you already know K. Michelle got to singing like a blue bird!

On whether K and Elle Varner Are Friends:

We had the same management. No. Definitely not. And it had nothing to do with Meek Mill. I never slept with Meek in my life. Me and Meek really are friends. We flirt and poke…but we don’t poke you know what I’m saying.

However, later in the interview she admits that Meek Mill was involved in the drama:


You see me being loud all the time and you don’t see the whole situation. Even management was like, ‘She’s bursting you’. But y’all don’t see that. I had a record that management said ‘was too big’ for me. They kept saying not yet, you don’t want to do this yet. It’s always not yet! It was my favorite record. So I played that record for my friend [Elle] at the time. The next thing you know she threw off her shoes and said, ‘OMG’ this is a great record! When she went through that break up with Iman Shumpert [Teyana Taylor’s new boyfriend] she was searching for an identity. No what I’m saying? She wanted be more sexy, she started wearing wigs and dadada-da. She was hanging around me, she started to curse. She said to me, ‘I’m the real bad girl’. I said ok b**** you can have that. I told her go for it, right now they think you sell boy scout cookies. Then she played a new record for me. She went to the same producers I went to.

I told her, ‘This is my record!’

It was the same style and everything. I approached her in a proper manner. The record was all me, it sounded just like me. I was hurt, she started wearing blonde wigs and dancing all in the club.

‘What are you doing?’

She was all off-beat. I was like just do you! After all of that I expressed the concern to my management. But she’s the princess of that management, and I’m the bad guy. But I’m the only one making money from licenses. I told them don’t let that record come out, and now she’s singing it.

When I look up and you let her sing this record and you are supposed to protect the both of us what do you do?

When I’m the only one booking shows and paying 20% commission and you can call Elle the princess. They were playing favorites. It was because I came from Reality TV.

So when she did the whole thing with Meek Mill, she knew I had a crush on Meek. You know we poke with each other.

So when she went on Twitter and said, “Meek tried to talk to me but I curved him”. That was wrong. Why would you do that to your friend? She needed relevance because we don’t give a damn about that India Arie a** music. It was out of jealousy.

On The Pic With Meek Mill That Set Things Off:

He took a picture with her, and in the caption was talking about how real the swerve was. He’s still playing with you. She took my song, now she’s posting pics with Meek with hearts in the caption. If it were me y’all would get on me. I am hurt. She wanted to be a mini K. Michelle.

On If Her “Hot Pocket” Has Had Company:

I’m swinging on poles for somebody. They are younger than me by a little bit.


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