Keyshia Cole Arrested For Attacking A Woman In Birdman's Condo!!

Keyshia Cole Arrested For Attacking A Woman In Birdman’s Condo!!


According to TMZ, Keyshia Cole spent Friday morning in jail because she allegedly assaulted a woman in Birdman’s Condo. Supposedly Keyshia Cole was dating Birdman and caught him with another woman in his condo in West LA around 5am.

Somehow, Keyshia Cole was allowed access into the condo by security and when she saw this other woman with Birdman it was all down hill from there!

Apparently, Keyshia Cole attacked the woman and left her with scratches all over her face. Shortly afterwards, someone called the cops and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding warrant with a $46,000 bail.

When we looked at Keyshia Cole’s Instagram she seemed to be sending out subliminal messages about what happened today. Just two hours ago, she posted this message on Instagram with the caption: “Fake. Just Fake.”

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