Kim Kardashian Spits Liquor Out At Kylie's 25th Birthday Yacht Party

Kim Kardashian Spits Liquor Out At Kylie’s 25th Birthday Party On Yacht (Video)

Kim Kardashian took a swig of liquor at Kylie Jenner’s birthday party and it must’ve hit the back of her throat.

The 41-year-old “The Kardashians” reality star coughed up her beverage on camera as she celebrated her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s 25th birthday on a luxurious yacht with friends and family this week. Kylie and her birthday guests had a getaway for the occasion, with Kim sharing photos from the trip while giving Kylie a birthday shout-out.

Happy Birthday party gal (in LaLa’s voice this whole trip lol).
Every year you amaze me at how wise, protective of your loved ones and just how generous your heart is. You are so special and one of one. You have so much love and happiness in your love that I pray for this forever.
Happy birthday, @kyliejenner I love you so much!!! Forever and Ever!!!

Kim, Kylie & La La take Shots

Kylie uploaded a video documenting their night out at an undisclosed location on the water to TikTok. Guests seen celebrating Kylie’s milestone birthday in the video included her mom Kris Jenner, sister Kendal,  LaLa Anthony, Kim, and her three youngest children.

Kim’s kids helped Kylie unwrap her birthday gift, a rare Hermes purse before the adults all took shots in celebration. Next, LaLa was seen taking a shot of liquor, cheering for Kylie’s birthday. Then, Kim is seen taking a sip of the alcohol while jerking her head back before coughing it up.

Oop! We hope everything is ok! The camera person thought it was hilarious, chucking in the background.

Last week, news broke that Kim and her 28-year-old boyfriend Pete Davidson called their relationship quits. The star has not commented yet on their break up publicly.