Kindra Chapman: Another Jail Cell Suicide 

Kindra Chapman: Another Jail Cell Suicide 

Last week the world was introduced to activist #SandraBland and heard of her tragic death that was ruled a suicide.

Well, another woman named Kindra Chapman had the same eerie fate just one day after Sandra Bland’s death.

18 year-old Kindra Chapman was found dead in her Alabama jail cell while in the custody of Homewood police. According to authorities, she committed suicide by hanging herself with a bed sheet.

Chapman was initially arrested for robbing someone of a cell phone and was booked at Homewood City Jail at 6:22pm before being discovered unresponsive at 7:50pm

According to, Chapman’s mother, Kathy Brady, thought her daughters death may have involved foul play initially but later recanted her statement.

Authorities say they have video surveillance recording from the time Chapman arrived and departed their facility and are currently waiting on the final autopsy to complete the review of the investigation.
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