Fake Corey Gamble Is Doing Interviews Exposing The Kardashians???

Fake Corey Gamble Is Doing Interviews Exposing The Kardashians???









coreygambleCorey is featured above on the far left


Before reading the article below, keep in mind that TMZ has just reported that the person behind this interview was an imposter. According to them, an imposter contacted Sandra Rose and gave a fake interview. How do they know? Well, Kris said that Corey’s mother is no longer living, and in the interview the imposter said that his mother didn’t know he was dating Kris yet. Dead giveaway. However, if you want to be entertained you can continue reading below:

Roommates, GET INTO THIS. Kris Jenner is a fool from way back if she’s really dating Corey Gamble (Justin Bieber’s Co-Manager). In a recent interview with Sandra Rose , Corey Gamble sang like Aretha Franklin and told all of their family business. He spoke about Tyga & Kylie living together, drug use, Kim & Kanye only being together for publicity and press and more!

Gamble is 32 years old and he admitted to having a relationship with Kris Jenner and that he has strong feelings for her. He even went as far as to talk about their relations in the bedroom when he was asked if his romance with Kris is real or simply an opportunity:

The way I see her [throw down] in the bedroom. It doesn’t seem like it’s for publicity [laughs].

Chile he gave away a Starbucks in this interview, forget TEA.


He also stated that Kris pays for everything, even though he wouldn’t mind picking up the tab once in a while:

I’m very gentleman-like but she pays for everything. I’m not an opportunist. I have my own money and I am more than willing to pay for anything for Kris. But she’s been an absolutely, offering to pay for everything and she does.”

Kris Jenner is way too old to be out here behaving like a 21-year-old female that is desperate for love. A real man wouldn’t allow his woman to pay for everything. Kris what exactly are you thinking? It’s clear she wants to be like Kim so bad!

Not only that, he mentioned that Kim & Kanye do not live together and insinuated that they only get together for pictures and press.

He um, he uh, has another house in the Los Angeles area. I think he’s recording. He’s not really there. I don’t know what kind of relationship they have going on, but he’s not ever there…Kim lives with Kris. They are supposed to be buying a house down the street. Um, it’s not my business [laughs].

This alone is reason enough to cut this attention seeking man out of the family. No one likes a bird that will spread their business to the blogs. I mean, of course we don’t mind but the Kardashians should. In fact, Sandra Rose mentioned that some things were left out of the interview….like “drug use”.

Perhaps the worst part of the interview was when he revealed that Tyga & Kylie were living together. It may sound shocking to you, but Tamar Braxton insinuated it first. Earlier this week on her talk show “The Real” she stated that her sister Toni Braxton lived across the street from Tyga and she “always” saw Kylie over there.

Don’t believe it? Click here to hear it from Tamar Braxton’s mouth.

Here’s what Corey had to say:

Kylie, the little one, she’s never there. Kylie doesn’t live at home any more — though they want you to believe that. Kylie actually lives with a well-known rapper. I can’t say who, but she lives with a well-known rapper…..I actually was pretty upset when I knew about it, because I asked Kris where her priorities were at. I wanted to know where Bruce’s priorities were at. “

We are positive he wasn’t paid for spilling the beans. What do you all think? Is he just seeking attention or is this the real thing?