Lady Going In On Steve For Parodying The Life Of A Special Needs Child!

Lady Going In On Steve For Parodying The Life Of A Special Needs Child!

A young woman took to social media to vent her frustrations with Steve Harvey after one of his skits on his talk show “The Steve Harvey Morning Show”. 

Some mornings, Steve does a skit where he plays an old church lady named Sister Odell who rants and raves about various things such as  who she’s dated in the past, worldly issues and little things going on in the church. 

It wasn’t until Steve decided that Sister Odell was going to talk about a fictional special needs woman, who was described as “slow” and complains that she’s, “always blowing bubbles in the service”, that this woman decided to go in on Steve! Steve, as Mrs. Odell, continues to rant that the special needs girl is actually 34, yet has a mind of a 4 year old and her mom dresses her in children’s clothing to reflect that. 

The woman in the videos made a great point that comedians shouldn’t make fun of people who can’t change themselves. At what point is it okay to make fun of people with a genetic mutation that occurred during their gestation? Yes, it was for entertainment purposes, but it was distasteful, because according to the lady in the video, this is real life and this joke was not as classy as we know Steve Harvey to usually be. 

The lady was especially hurt by the skit seeing as she’s the mother of an autistic child and she did not appreciate the insensitivity from Steve. 

Entertainers are beginning to lose more and more fans as people are choosing not to deal with cruel jokes from people in positions of power and what better way to do that than to boycott?

What are your thoughts on the video? 

Source Cited: World Star Hip Hop
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