Lala Anthony Dishes On New Book "The Power Playbook", Being An Actress And Playing A Lesbian On The Show "Power"!

Lala Anthony Dishes On New Book “The Power Playbook”, Being An Actress And Playing A Lesbian On The Show “Power”!

Lala Anthony met up with DJ Envy, Shady Charlemagne and the ever so lovely Angela Yee to shake the radio dust off and talk about all that she’s got going on! 

The mogul is currently promoting her new book, sequel to The Love Playbook, The Power Playbook: Rules For Independence, Money and Success and it’s out today! In it, she tells all of us how we harness our inner power and how to not allow things or people to dictate our paths. “We all have the power to be great– Some of us just don’t Know it and don’t know how to access it”, Lala said. She insists that the book is very relatable and that anyone can learn something from the book!

Lala also told The Breakfast Club that she decided to stop doing reality tv, because it was hindering her acting career. “They look at you as a reality star and then they don’t take you seriously or your audition has to be 100 times better than anybody else to even be looked at”. So, in order to be taken more seriously, she called it quits with her reality show. However, she is still producing shows for he cousin Dice and best friend Po. She’s also going to be in a movie called Deuces with Larenz Tate. Mmm!!! Lala briefly mentioned how she auditioned for Barbershop 3, but didn’t get the role. She really wanted it, but she is hopeful that since Malcolm Lee was impressed by her audition, he’ll remember her performance the next time he’s casting for a movie. 

The second season of Power is premiering in June and not only is Lala acting in her first sex scene, she’s playing a lesbian! And she’ll be topless, too! Angela found out and Lala confirmed it. She says Carmelo won’t be watching though. Bummer (for him)! 

We’re excited for Lala and the greatness coming her way. She really does have a charmed life, but wants everyone to know that she worked her way up from humble beginnings and you can too! You can watch her full interview in the link provided below!

P.S.: Charlemagne coaxed out of Lala which  episode she will be performing the sex scene on… It’s episode four! Lol!


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