Late Night Snack: Rihanna Spotted At Laker Game, Iggy Azalea's Man Caught Cheating? Sundy Carter Comes For Draya, And Sooo Much More TEA!

Late Night Snack: Rihanna Spotted At Laker Game, Iggy Azalea’s Man Caught Cheating? Sundy Carter Comes For Draya, And Sooo Much More TEA!

Get into our new series “Late Night Snack”. We will attempt to update you on all of the gossip that happened throughout the day. We will skip days because we have things to do and we are not hermits. However, we will try to always deliver.

Nick Young was spotted with another woman. NBA player Nick Young is in a committed relationship with Iggy Azalea. In fact, Iggy Azalea recently purchased a car for him. A blue low rida to be exact. Well, he was spotted at another woman’s house in that same low-rida. We can’t say much until we find out who the woman is, but right now he appears to be triflin’.


(Pic via @jarrettscottpage on Instagram)

Nick Young responded via Twitter denying that he was cheating although he doesn’t sound very convincing.


Amber Rose admitted to wanting to get back with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.


Sundy Carter came for Draya Michelle on Instagram. Sundy accused Draya of jocking her style from 63 weeks ago because she posted a picture on Instagram wearing the same shirt we have seen on several women. Sundy is delusional and desperate for recognition and attention.



Keke Palmer went blonde.


Yahoo TV caught us talking about Bruce. Shout out to Yahoo!!


Earlier today Chris Brown’s Manager, Mike, spoke out on Instagram refuting the rumors (By TMZ) that Chris Brown had his probation revoked because of the recent club shootings that he was present at. According to Mike, Chris Brown had a good day in court. His probation was revoked because of jurisdiction (tour) and the Judge ruled that he would NOT be going to jail.



Chris Brown is going to be alright. Chris also responded on Twitter below:


Next up is the Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo TEA. Earlier today, we reported that Jordin Sparks revealed in an interview with The Breakfast Club ( watch here ) that Jason Derulo leased the BMW he claims to have purchased for her. The people started clowning Jason for fronting on Jordin and I guess he felt the need to Clap back.

Jason Derulo decided to post his Bill Of Sale to prove that he in fact purchased the BMW.

See Below:


Only problem is that we took our messy jessy talents to google and found this statement on the website:

The bill of sale form is NOT an official document proving ownership, but rather a record of the transaction between parties.

Jason is really trying it. Jordin Sparks clapped back by liking our pic on Instagram (@theshaderoominc ) and tweeting laughing emojis on Twitter. Translation: “Who you tryna fool Jason?”


Moving along, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans made an Instagram post this morning that seemed to be a shot at Christina Milian. The picture she posted was of a street sign called “Wayne”. She said something to the tune of, “Silly little girl to think your man belongs to just you when he really belongs to everybody.”


Well Christina Milian came to The Shade Room to clap back at Karrine Steffans. She basically said no man has ever claimed Karrine and that she’s a #TBT . Meaning a blast from the past. Karrine later stated on Instagram that she wasn’t referring to Christina in her post. It sure seemed like it.

Matt Barnes apologized to his estranged wife Gloria Govan for his recent statements in the media. Matt recently ridiculed her for dressing inappropriately and taking inappropriate pictures. Today he posted a #TBT of him and his shorty and admitted that she would always be his queen.


Nancy Grace challenged 2chainz to a rematch for the #PotToBlame conversation on HLN. He killed her in the last convo. He most likely helped the show’s ratings and they want to make money off of him again.


We found out there is a pear app for Rick Ross. Can he live???


Last but not least, Rihanna and her bestie Melissa were spotted hanging out at the Laker Game tonight.


If anymore TEA spills tonight we will keep you updated!