Lil Boosie Was A No Show And His Fans Were Definitely Unhappy About It!!

Lil Boosie Was A No Show And His Fans Were Definitely Unhappy About It!!

Lil Boosie has hisself some die hard fans chile and folks in Macon, GA don’t play!

So check this out, basically Lil Boosie was supposed to perform at Whiskey River nightclub in Macon but guess what, he was a no show!

At first the police released a statement saying the rapper didn’t know he had to do a performance which means janky promoters may have lied and said he was coming knowing dam well he wasn’t!

And then to add insult to injury, when the club goers wanted their money back when they found out Lil Boosie wasn’t coming, MBP Promotions, which is the promotional group that put the show together, denied all refunds! And Lawd after that all hell broke loose!!!!

People started flipping tables and throwing things everywhere! Chairs, bottles, trash, you name it, they were flying! We mean shoot if we were standing in a line that was a mile long we’d be angry too but these people took it to a whole new level!


Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured and minor injuries were able to be treated at the club.

Welp as for Lil Boosie when he caught wind of the craziness going on he took to social media to clear up some things:

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“My PO just tripped out on me, saying I can’t do clubs, and saying Whiskey River is a known club,” he said in a video while riding around. “So I’m going to need all my fans to reach out to the Louisiana Parole Board and charge ‘em, charge the parole board to let me travel to do my clubs because that’s how I feed my family. … I’m sorry I can’t make it to Macon. We are going to redo this in Macon somewhere else.”

Word on the street is that  Lil Boosie still made $50,000 off of the show even though he ain’t show up ! But anyways do you buy the story or do you think he just played hooky! Let’s chat below! 


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