Lil Wayne Says He Is Officially In Business With His Idol, Jay Z!!!

Lil Wayne Says He Is Officially In Business With His Idol, Jay Z!!!

Earlier today we posted a video where Lil Wayne revealed that he had signed to his idol, Jay Z. Maybe in all of the excitement his message may have seemed alittle ambiguous.


He signed on with Jay Z not for Roc Nation per say but to Tidal. Reports were looming as early as the beginning of this month that the Young Money rapper signed on to be partial owner of the music streaming service.


According to Forbes, Lil Wayne had released a statement saying, “TIDAL is a great way to share music directly with fans. I’m hyped for people to hear my latest track and can’t wait to show fans love through a special TIDAL X.”

The latest track he is referring to is called “Glory” and just like every other Tidal affiliate you can only hear first as a Tidal subscriber. He will also be having a concert called “Tidal X” for subscribers only.

“Glory” will be the first single from the hip-hop star’s upcoming album FWA aka the Free Weezy Album. And yes it is a direct shot to Baby and Cash Money Records amidst the heated feud going on between the former best buddies.


Ironically, Drake has revealed earlier this week that he has signed a deal with Apple. We wonder if that may cause a rift of any sort.

But its great to see Jay Z offering Lil Wayne a way out and now he can continue doing what he loves the most! Lets chat below, do you think Tidal is the best move for the rapper?


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