Magazine Owner Accuses Empire's Bryshere "Yazz" Gray Of Ruining Company Event!

Magazine Owner Accuses Empire’s Bryshere “Yazz” Gray Of Ruining Company Event!

Co-owner of The Rouge Collection, Gary Chambers Jr., took to social media this weekend in order to read (with class) Bryshere “Yazz” Gray for ruining his celebrity meet and greet! 

Chambers alleges that everything started when Yazz was originally scheduled to be in Baton Rouge on April 10th, but his team insisted that they move the date to April 19th due to inclement weather. Although Chambers was going to be losing so much money, he agreed to push the date back. 

April 18th comes and Yazz is scheduled for two meet and greets and an interview for the following day at 2pm. Everything seems to be going fine until Chambers finds out that Yazz and his team decided that they were going to be staying in New Orleans (which is an hour away) instead of Baton Rouge! Chambers explains that after Yazz took his time working out and sending people to fetch clothes for him, he then had to fly the Empire emcee and his crew to Baton Rouge in time for his event! Being on time was pretty much a chop at that point, but the magazine owner had fans waiting to see Yazz, so he had to keep it moving!

Gary Chambers says that Yazz did excellent with the high schoolers, especially since he loves to inspire young people. However, after that, the day went pretty much down-hill from there. Chambers says that Yazz just put on an “IDGAF” attitude even texted while he was being interviewed! During the interview, Chambers asked Yazz about how he got into rapping and Yazz allegedly replied, “You haven’t checked out my YouTube videos?”. How rude! Yazz eventually left the event early.

Chambers insists that the whole point of the interview was to build a positive platform for black entertainers, because black media is so essential to our culture today. But, he really didn’t appreciate Bryshere Gray’s lack of professionalism. “People should stop paying celebrities that don’t have the integrity to be courteous. We don’t have to take that, because at the end of the day, they’re famous because of US!” says Chambers. He went on to rant about how he gave Yazz copies of his documentary, t-shirts and even a very nice, non-thotty card from a fan, all of which he left on the floor of Chambers’ car like trash. 

After losing $10,000 in appearance fees, hotel fees, flights and not even getting a thank you from Bryshere, Chambers is just left upset that as an actor, he couldn’t just fake his attitude and act like he wanted to be there! He says that he is dealing with refund issues from the event, because fans were not impressed by Yazz and were even disgusted by how he was acting. 

Wow! Looks like Hakeem Lyon fits the globe perfectly for Yazz in real life!! Roommates, check out the full rant here and let’s chat below!!

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