Man Knowingly Infects His Girlfriend With HIV - He Was On The Down Low And She's Speaking Out About It!

Man Knowingly Infects His Girlfriend With HIV – He Was On The Down Low And She’s Speaking Out About It!




Gladys, who prefers to be called Gizzy, says her ex-boyfriend knowingly infected her with HIV. Gizzy says she met 29 year old Randy Gauthier two years ago and allowed him to move in with her after he was kicked out of his home. She says he was only supposed to stay with her for a couple of days but he ended up staying with her for months. During the time that they were together Randy had been arrested and she caught him texting other women.

One day, she went through his iPad and found that he was surfing the net responding to Ads from gay men. It was then that she decided she needed to get tested immediately! Her test results showed up negative but she hadn’t received her results for her HIV test. She remembers like it was yesterday, he woke her up to Maxwell and said, “Today is going to be a good day.” Shortly after she received a call from Kaiser telling her to come in. As you may have guessed, she was told she was infected with HIV.

After researching Randy Gauthier we found that he is a registered offender who was convicted of sodomy #clutchespearls ! Find out more here.

The worst part is that he is still on the hunt for more victims! Since going public, she has received messages from women claiming that he made advances towards them!

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Now, Gizzy is trying to get her story out and save more women from being victims of Randy Gauthier’s carelessness. She tried to get him prosecuted for knowingly infecting her with the disease (she says he found out he was infected while they were together) but the case did not go to court.

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She has a Facebook page (click here).

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