Man Shoots And Kills Himself By Children's Ride at Universal Studios in California.

Man Shoots And Kills Himself By Children’s Ride at Universal Studios in California.

Tourists got a lot more than what they paid for Friday afternoon at Universal Studios in California. An unidentified man shot and killed himself at the amusement park leaving parents and their kids, who witnessed the incident, horrified. 

It all unfolded around 2:15pm when the man came to Universal Studios to pay his ex-girlfriend a visit, violating the order of protection she has out on him. When she notified security, they found the man smoking around the “Minion Maybe” ride. Without warning, the man pulled out a gun and within seconds shot and killed himself.


p style=”-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;”>Zanell Mitchell saw the conflict unfold as she and her mother got off the ride. “I couldn’t stop crying because I was really, really scared,” Mitchell told NBC Los Angeles.

This incident is especially significant because it’s leaving many people questioning the security of the park. The man was able to sneak his gun inside because even though security checks bags there are no metal detectors. 

The man was responsible for vandalizing his ex’s car last week. He leaves behind a child he had with the ex-girlfriend.


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