Man Sneaks Loaded Gun Into Jail!

Man Sneaks Loaded Gun Into Jail!

A man snuck a loaded gun into an Albuquerque jail upon being processed. 

NY Post reports the man was brought to Metro Detention Center following an arrest and had made it through a pat down AND metal-detecting wand search  without anyone noticing the gun. 

How, Sway? 

Supposedly, the weapon was hidden in his waist band, near his privates and was not noticed until a body scan was issued. 

A metal-detecting wand at the jail also failed to catch the weapon, which wasn’t found until a body scan was issued.

According to the department, the three officers involved have been retrained and are back in the field. Furthermore, depending on the outcome of a further investigation, the officer at the jail is no longer working on inmate intake. 


Source: NYPost,

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