Man Threatens Richmond Virginia Churchgoers

Man Threatens Richmond Virginia Churchgoers

While still mourning the inhuman act that took place at the historically black AME Church in Charleston, SC, we are faced once again with cruel and senseless behavior!

Just one day following the Charleston shooting, Police responded to the United Nations Church International where churchgoers were threatened, and demeaned with racial slurs by a white man.

The man, who’s name has not been revealed, was banging on the church window with a weapon resembling a machete, threatening to kill everyone in the church.

One of the churchgoers screamed in fear ” Lock the door!” The pastor of the church, Orrin Pullings, was in shock as the man yelled out “You Ni****s messed our country up, you all are going to get killed tonight.”

Thankfully church security was able to get the doors locked before the man entered the church. No one was harmed.

Police apprehended the man with no arrest. He was taken to the hospital for observation.

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