Masika Kalysha Files $6 Million Suit Against Zeus Network And Hazel-E

Masika Kalysha Files $6 Million Lawsuit Against Zeus Network For Outcome Of 2020 Sit-Down With Hazel-E

Masika Kalysha is taking Zeus Network to court—and longtime foe Hazel-E is catching a stray from it al. According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Masika filed the paperwork without an attorney. And the suit’s focus is a televised sit-down between Masika and Hazel-E that went from peace-making to verbal and physical violence. As a result, the beauty entrepreneur is looking to collect $6 million in damages from the network for fraud and sexual battery.

Though Hazel-E is named in the suit, Masika’s publicist told The Shade Room that Hazel is “an afterthought.” Masika named Hazel and other parties, besides Zeus, in the initial filing because of their involvement in the incident and episode production. However, Masika’s rep confirms that Hazel-E never touched or came near their client.

Masika Files For Fraud And Sexual Battery 

In the lawsuit, Masika alleges the network promised her a peaceful sit-down. Instead, she alleges the network staged a fight scene despite her participation objections. The reality TV star claims the network had a random person hiding in the darkness of her dressing room. She says the person was Hazel-E’s hairdresser. Masika alleges the hairdresser sucker-punched her from their hiding place. TMZs reporting says the attack resulted in “scratches, bruises, and a broken finger.”

“As we can all see by now Zeus is a network that’s all about fighting,” sources close to Masika revealed. “They denied this, but there’s too much proof now.”

Masika claims her attorney asked the network not to edit or air footage of the assault. However, the suit claims the network did both. Masika says the network edited the footage to make her look like the aggressor. She added that Zeus didn’t air Hazel-E or her crew’s comments, only her responses.

The sexual battery allegedly took place while Zeus’ security broke up the violence. In the suit, Masika says one guard groped her groin and butt. The guard also reportedly said, “she’s thick as f**k,” after the groping.

In addition to collecting six milly, the TV star is requesting the network take down all published footage of The Conversation episode featuring her and Hazel-E.

At this time, Zeus has not publicly responded to the suit. The Shade Room reached out to Hazel for comment and was only told, “gimme a minute, wow.”