Meet Beyonce's Little Sister Koi Knowles! (Pics)

Meet Beyonce’s Little Sister Koi Knowles! (Pics)

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A little while ago, lingerie model Taqoya Branscomb went public about her affair with Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles and their 4-year-old daughter Koi Knowles. Mathew initially denied that he was Koi’s father because he claimed to have had a vasectomy. However, a DNA test proved his paternity to be 99.9 percent.

Beyonce now has two half siblings, Koi Knowles and Alexasandra Wright’s son, that she has never met.

This ain’t really my business, but Beyonce better link up with these children. Yes, Mathew was being reckless and that’s why Tina is long gone and on to the next man. However, the children are innocent and have nothing to do with that. At this point, they are blood family and they shouldn’t be punished because of foolish Mathew.

As far as Koi goes, she’s doing well. She loves to sing and dance and she’s already modeling!

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How do y’all feel about this?

See pics below: