Meet Deezy: The Chicago Singer Who Linked Up With Jeremih To Make "Body"

Meet Deezy: The Chicago Singer Who Linked Up With Jeremih To Make “Body”

Hey, Roommates! Have y’all heard that banger called ‘Body’ that features Jeremih? It has been receiving some great reviews but who is the young lady behind it? The cute songstress who featured the Chicago singer is Dreezy,  a 22-year-old singer/rapper/songwriter from the Southside of Chicago.

Growing up in Chicago always gave Dreezy content to sing and rap about ranging from things she witnessed in the streets to love or just simply getting money! Dreezy sat with us to speak on how she and Jeremih got to meet.

On how she and Jeremih met:

“You know, Jeremiah is from Chicago so he had heard about me before and I had already dreamt of working with him. I ended up running into one of his producers and I just said, ‘Man, I really want to work with Jeremiah’ and before I knew it we were in the studio! Later on, though, a guy from my label brought a track to me from a producer named Blood Diamond. I worked on it, but I just couldn’t hear anyone else but Jeremih on the song. We called him up and he came to the studio and it was all love from there.”

She goes on to say that she always wanted him on the song too:

“It sounds like the perfect summer song, doesn’t it? I already heard his voice on it so I knew it’d be dope. Being in the studio with his is crazy! He can hear a beat and already have the melody formed just like you hear it on the radio. His voice was just meant to be on the song, you know? In all, I just wanted to give you guys something to groove smooth to.”
You’ll definitely be hearing more from Dreezy in the coming months, because she’s got an album coming out later this year which she describes as just “good music.”

Get into this dope video for ‘Body’ below and let’s chat!


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