Meet The Woman That Claims Chris Brown Is Her Baby's Father! - (Pics)

Meet The Woman That Claims Chris Brown Is Her Baby’s Father! – (Pics)

TMZ just dropped an exclusive claiming that a woman named Nia is the father of Chris Brown’s 9-month-old baby. Now, we can’t confirm the baby is his, but we have narrowed down the likely suspect.

ALLEGEDLY, the baby below is the one in question. We did an analysis of the time frame and the baby is 9 months old just as TMZ reported. This would mean the baby was conceived around 18-19 months ago. This means he would not have been in jail at that time. Chris was released from jail in June of 2014.

The woman below is also named Nia. Although TMZ didn’t release her full name, her child looks like the baby in the picture they provided. She also looks similar to the mother in the picture.

Not only that, Chris’ associates were caught liking the baby’s pictures. This is in addition to pictures that she has with Jas Prince (Christina Milian’s Ex)

(As you can see in the pic above, the baby is 9 months old)

But here is the twist. The man above claims to be the father of the baby in question. So the question is…who is really the Fava??

All we need to know now…is if Chris is really the father!