Michael Costello's Brother Claims Woman Who Accuses Him Of Being Racist Actually Attacked Michael First!! (Pics Inside)

Michael Costello’s Brother Claims Woman Who Accuses Him Of Being Racist Actually Attacked Michael First!! (Pics Inside)

Yesterday we posted about the on going feud between celebrity designer Michael Costello and up-and-coming designer Maxine James.

The two have been beefing for the past year over allegations where James accuses Costello of being racist.

Isht really hit the fan a few days ago when Maxine claimed that the former Project Runways designer called her the N-word again and then also broke her phone. 

Well there is two sides to every story and now Michael’s brother has spoken out about Michael’s side of the story.

He posted:


On July 27 my brother was attacked by Maxine James. She beat him repeatedly and scratched him several times. There are four real witnesses including an employee. All of them who testified against @flyeffortlessly87. She hit my brother several times with her cell phone, punched him repeatedly in the face while he yelled for the police to come and help. He ran into a Starbucks on the corner of 9th and Los Angeles. The surveillance footage from Starbucks is now in our possession and will be released soon for all of you to see. Please note, police reports have been filed on both parts and we have eye witnesses. The police report shows how Maxine James punched @michaelcostello several times in the face. Maxine called my brother a faggot, a white bitch, a Mexican queer, and a transgender freak. Maxine was not arrested because she bribed a fabric store owner who understands very little English. All witnesses are shocked and hurt by what Maxine did to @michaelcostello. Maxine admitted that she acted out of character and in a way she wish she never did. We, his family are hurt and outraged. Our brother/son is not

a racist but a loving and caring man who gets along with everybody!

This story is just getting messier and messier lets chat below !!