Michael Strahan Suspicious Of The Timing Of Nicole Murphy's Break-Up Announcement!

Michael Strahan Suspicious Of The Timing Of Nicole Murphy’s Break-Up Announcement!



nicole_murphy_michael_strahanAccording to TMZ, sources close to Michael Strahan said that he was unaware that his former fiancé Nicole Murphy’s camp would be releasing a statement about their engagement being called off during the same weekend he would be entering the NFL Hall of Fame. Apparently, Nicole and Michael Strahan had called off the engagement weeks ago and it wasn’t apart of the plan to announce the break-up this past weekend … and friends think Nicole or someone close to her was trying to ruin the biggest moment of his career. The story actually broke the exact moment that Michael was receiving his official Hall of Fame yellow blazer! People close to Michael Strahan think that Nicole is a lil shady for choosing this weekend to share the news with the world. TMZ also mentioned that Strahan started his speech for the HOF Festivities with, “This has been the best weekend of my life.” Hopefully, he still enjoyed his moment and Nicole girllll you are a shady little tree ain’t ya!