MTV Set To Air White People Documentary 

MTV Set To Air White People Documentary 

In the height of racial tension and race related attacks, MTV has decided to speak on it from a different perspective, through white people!

The documentary is filmed by journalist Antonio Vargas (He covered the Virginia Tech Shooting in 2007) and follows five white people from all over the country documenting their experiences with racial identity.

Vargas goes where many people are “uncomfortable” to go and exposes the truth about “white privilege” and racial bias in America.

The president of MTV, Stephen Friedman, said in a statement “Whiteness often remains unexamined in conversations about race in this country, even as it acts as the implicit norm against which other racial identities are judged.”

This is looking like it will be a great watch!

Will you be tuning in? What are your thoughts?

“White People” documentary airs on July 22 on MTV

See the “White People” trailer below!



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