Nate Parker's Past Could Put 'The Birth of a Nation' Release In Jeopardy

Nate Parker’s Past Could Put ‘The Birth of a Nation’ Release In Jeopardy

Executives at Fox Searchlight are trying to decide the fate of #NateParker’s upcoming film #TheBirthOfANation after he recently opened up about an experience he had while attending Penn State.

Parker along with co-writer, #JeanCelestin were accused of raping a female student, but Parker was the only one acquitted of all charges.

In a statement released on Friday, Fox Searchlight explained that they are aware of his past, but will stand behind him especially since he was found innocent.

“Fox Searchlight is aware of the incident that occurred while Nate Parker was at Penn State,” they said. “We also know that he was found innocent and cleared of all charges. We stand behind Nate and are proud to help bring this important and powerful story to the screen.”

The story is very important and a lot of work was put into it. Parker wrote, directed and stars in the film which chronicles the 1831 slave rebellion led by Nat Turner. Currently, race relations are stressed and it’s important for this film to be brought to the forefront while the conversation is still hot.

However, the only reason why Execs are hesitant about doing anymore press is because it gives too much opportunity for journalists to bring up details from the rape case which have nothing to do with the film.


The Birth of A Nation is  set to debut  at the Toronto Film Festival in September and released in theaters October 7th. NBy addressing it early on, Searchlight hopes that the issue won’t resurface.

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Via: Variety