Charlotte Loses NBA Allstar Game Over Anti- LGBT "Bathroom Bill"

Charlotte Loses NBA Allstar Game Over Anti- LGBT “Bathroom Bill”

Looks like North Carolina’s infamous “bathroom bill”  has just cost Charlotte a major event … the NBA Allstar Game!

If you’re unfamiliar with NC’s bathroom bill, which was formerly known as the House Bill,  it is a law that requires transgender people to use bathrooms that corresponds with the gender that is listed on your birth certificate. It is an extremely controversial bill within the LGBT community as well as major LGBT friendly corporations including the NBA.

According to Sports Illustrated, NBA’s commissioner Adam Silver has yet to speak on the change but he has been very vocal about being against the bill. Back in April, Silver warned that North Carolina would face losing the Allstar Game if they didn’t revise the bill. Charlotte Bobcat’s owner Michael Jordan also disagrees with the bill.

As for now it seems as though all roads lead to New Orleans as the new Allstar Game’s new home. Let’s chat below!


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