Nikki Mudarris Goes To Town On Mally Mall's Fine China After Breakup!

Nikki Mudarris Goes To Town On Mally Mall’s Fine China After Breakup!

Lord!!! Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn or Nikki Mudarris’ scorn that is!

It seems like Love and Hip Hop stars, Mally Mal and Nikki are just toxic for eachother because we swear they break up almost every other week! But it looks like sh*t reall hit the fan last night! 

According to TMZ, Nikki went ham in Mally’s mansion in Beverly Hills last night! They were told she began smashing the fine china that she allegedly brought (Sidenote: what’s up with all these celebs smashing their own stuff? Ain’t the point of revenge to get back at the other person?) causing over $30,000 in damages.

Anyways the neighbors weren’t having it and called the police on their asses! Luckily for Nikki, Mally was kind enough to not want to press charges on her and just had her escorted off the premises.

Nikki, on the other hand, says the only reason why she went crazy on that ass is because Mally got into a jealous rage and broke her custom made iPhone 6 (oh no not the iPhone 6!!!) 

Funny thing is, Mally looked like that fine china comes a dime a dozen because TMZ cameras  caught him flexing at Ace of Diamonds strip club moments later, reportedly dropping nearly 20k! 

We mean we think we know where Nikki was going with this, it is Petty Wap Wednesday, so why not break the things you feel as though your ex needs but never really thought of. We will just watch out for it all on the next season of Love and Hip Hop LA! Let’s chat below!

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