Not Here For It!! Film Crew Pumps The Breaks on The Game's Love-Game Show In Fear Of Their Lives!

Not Here For It!! Film Crew Pumps The Breaks on The Game’s Love-Game Show In Fear Of Their Lives!

Chiiiiile get in here!!!! So, y’all remember when we reported that The Game is going to have his own game show called “She’s Got Game”, right? Well, they had started filming and everything seemed to be going well until the feud between Game and Young Thug got hot! 

It all started when the game show cast and crew were filming in New Orleans and, no pun intended, started throwing shots at Young Thug. He grabbed the mic from the DJ and started going off about how he was going to “fuck him up”. If you need a refresher, check out our page!

Now, on during that infamous rant, Game swiped a loaded gun from his security guard’s holster and waived it in the air. This made the film crew super uncomfortable, so they were like oh hellllll no! 

The final straw was when Young Thug clapped back at Game and had his homie/lover/friend (because at this point, who knows) in the background holding a semi-automatic!

So, essentially, both Game and Young Thug had the crew shook, so they are on strike from filming the show in night clubs, which is totally understandable. However, we all know that The Game is about that life! These people knew what they were getting into, but as for The Game, when is being gangsta too much?

Roommates, would you guys go on strike if you were filming She’s Got Game? Leave us some comments!!


TSR Intern: Talia O. @closetratchet on Instagram and @tallyohhh on Twitter!