Officer That Killed Unarmed Mike Brown Has His Friend Call "The Dana Show" To Tell His Side

Officer That Killed Unarmed Mike Brown Has His Friend Call “The Dana Show” To Tell His Side


Not too long ago, the Ferguson Police Department released the name of the Officer, Darren Wilson, who is responsible for murdering an unarmed 18 year old boy, Mike Brown, last week. According to Mike Brown’s family and at least 10-15 witnesses at the scene, Officer Darren Wilson stopped Mike Brown because he was walking in the middle of the street. The officer told Mike to get out of the street and then a struggle ensued while Darren was inside of the cop car. The witnesses say that Mike Brown got out of the officer’s reach and began to run away (note that he was wearing flip flops) and Darren fired a bullet but missed Mike. Once Mike was 30 feet away from the police car and after the first bullet was fired, witnesses say that he turned around and put his hands in the air (surrendering) when he was shot an additional 6-8 times by Darren Wilson.

Recently, a close friend of the officer, Josie, did an interview with “The Dana Show” and claimed to know Darren Wilson’s account of the story. This is big, because the police have not released an official statement of Darren’s explanation for what happened, so this is as close as we are getting for now.

Here’s What She Said:

 [Mike Brown and friend Dorian Johnson] were walking down the middle of the street. He [Darren Wilson] told them to get out of the street. They started yelling, cursing, and refused. I believe at that point [Darren] called for back-up. As they were walking away, he drove in front of them when he received notification that there had been a robbery in the area. He then reversed, and attempted to get out of his car when Michael rushed him and pushed him back into the car. Mike punched him in the face. Darren grabbed his gun and Michael tried to grab the gun, at one point it was pointed at the [officer’s] hip but he moved it away, and the gun went off. Then Mike took off, and when they got to be about 35 feet away he stopped running and turned around to taunt the [officer]. He kept yelling, “You aren’t going to shoot me!” Then, Mike began to charge towards to [officer]. That’s when [Darren] began shooting. He really thinks he was on something. The [officer] shot him in the head and he fell forward about two to three feet. Ballistics will show he wasn’t shot in the back like people have said.

When asked how Josie was aware of the story, she said that his significant other told her what happened before the case became so big.

This is so sad, they are trying to claim he was on drugs. All we can do is wait on the toxicology tests and the autopsy, even though we can’t trust them with that anyway!

Listen To The Phone Interview Below: