Only 1 Album Went Platinum This Year... Guess Who?

Only 1 Album Went Platinum This Year… Guess Who?

In 2014, there was only one artist that had a platinum album, and that was Taylor Swift. If predictions hold true, ’1989′ will be the first album released in 2014 to sell a million copies, let alone a million copies in one week.
T.I.’s ninth album debuted at number 2 with just under 80k sold in its first week on shelves. So whats the main reason for such a decline in sales? You guessed it, iTunes and Youtube. There are so many ways to download free music off of youtube, which is where we get all of our music from but shhh don’t tell nobody. The simple fact that you can purchase each song  as a single on iTunes makes it so that customers don’t have to buy an entire album.

What do y’all think this says about the future of music?

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