Oop! The "Piece Of A Burger" Viral Sensation Has An Arrest Warrant For Shoplifting!

Oop! The “Piece Of A Burger” Viral Sensation Has An Arrest Warrant For Shoplifting!

Recently, Barnes told his account of an accident on the news and it went viral for a few reasons: 1) He’s hilarious and dramatic 2) He said he wanted a piece of a burger and 3) He has a very unique style.
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Well it looks like “piece of a burger” should have stayed behind the scenes because now Ridgeland Police are looking for him! Apparently, he is wanted for shoplifting and currently has an arrest warrant. A manager at Swell-O-Phonic claims that he stole a Van’s bucket hat from their store just last month! Not only that, people from the area claim that shoplifting is what he is known for. They say that’s how he gets down.

Not to mention, he has over $1600 worth of traffic fines and they want their money. Asap!

The police are asking for Barnes to bring dat azz here boy and pay off his fines!

Ridgeland police says he has just over $1600 worth of fines, mainly traffic violations.

Ridgeland police say that they would like for Barnes to come in and pay the fines as soon as possible.