Pentagon "Mistakenly" Sent Live Anthrax Spores Through Commercial Mail

Pentagon “Mistakenly” Sent Live Anthrax Spores Through Commercial Mail

Today, the Pentagon has confirmed that on April 30th, samples of the deadly anthrax bacterium had been accidentally shipped through commercial mail. 

The samples were shipped From Dugway Proving Ground (Utah) through commercial mail to Maryland and from there, the samples were shipped to private labs in California, Wisconsin, Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey and New York. One sample was even shipped to South Korea!

Usually, the Department of Defense takes extreme precaution with handling anthrax, because it’s considered a biological weapon, however, the reason that the spores were shipped commercially is because they were supposed to be dead! On one hand, just one of the nine samples were live, but at any rate, somebody wasn’t paying attention when they were shipped off. 

There have been no reports of infection or fatality and officials say that there is no threat to the general public. Currently, the FBI and the CDC are taking steps to find out how the live anthrax spores were shipped in order to make sure that the bacterium was properly contained.  

Roommates, the country would be looking like 28 Days Later if those spores were live! Anthrax is super deadly and is always very closely monitored, so it’s very strange that  one of the samples turned out to be live.  Do you guys think that someone may have done this on purpose or do you think it was an honest mistake? Tell us why in the comments!


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