Polow Da Don Sits Down With The Shade Room First To Introduce New Artist And Getting Music Ready For The Next Stage!!

Polow Da Don Sits Down With The Shade Room First To Introduce New Artist And Getting Music Ready For The Next Stage!!

This weekend, TSR sat down with music producer, Polow Da Don to talk about his new artist Veronica Vega and the importance of black infrastructure in conjunction with the “New Media”. 

Polow started by saying that the  last year or two I’ve been reinventing artists and getting music ready for the next stage”. 

Polow told us about how he had lived in LA for 5 years, but just got burned out with what was going on with music lately, so he came back to Atlanta to regroup in order to exact his status in the industry. He says that for him, music is all about feeling and he feels that R&B, soul and just overall urban music is going to be coming back very soon. He said “Musically I’m in a great place and I know that I have a sound that is going to be the future. I think in the next 5 years, music is going to be real exciting!”

Big Polow also gave us some background on his new artist Veronica Vega, telling us how she’s a Cuban-Venezuelan vocalist/rapper out of Hialeah (Miami) and that she grew up on Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. But, babyyyy when he played the video for her new song called Pay Me, our jaws dropped to the damn floor! The lyrics are totally unexpected and the Latina uses her culture and her body in order to own her sexuality and boldness in a male-dominated industry.

Ester Dean and Vega teamed up with the legendary producer to introduce us to the new sound that he’s waiting to release to the world. The track samples Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s It Takes Two and one of Polow and Ester Dean’s very own hits Drop It Low. Y’all, this beat is TOO SICK and the transitions that Polow had the nerve to slide in there are too crazy! It’s like I-Think I-Luv-Her-by-Gucci-and-Ester-Dean ratchet as the track really embodies that Miami hood sound with driving heavy bass and more quotable lines than Mean Girls. In fact, Vega really wanted to represent her hood and as you guys will come to find out, they really do it big. Just to get an idea of what she’s working with, you can check out her song Wicked featuring Pitbull here!

We had also talked to Polow about turning influence into a dollar amount. He “[compares] Atlanta to Nashville, except here we lack the infrastructure. We have the ability to recreate and recreate year after year.” 

Polow went on to explain how 2 Chainz, Future, TI, Jeezy, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Luda and The Ying Yang Twinz all grew up 20 miles away from each other yet they sound so different. “What’s dope about Atlanta is that there are so many different styles here and because we’ve become a mecca, we need infrastructure. We need a more independent mind frame on the editorial side and the distribution side. We need business.”

The Shade Room was blessed with hearing a couple of other songs by some huge artists that Polow has been working with and they all had our ears crying for more! We can definitely reassure you that Polow Da Don is coming with the heat. These songs are amazing and we can’t wait for you to hear them all!!


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