Private Investigators Teach How To Catch A Cheater 

Private Investigators Teach How To Catch A Cheater 

Did you that 85% percent of women who suspect their man of cheating are normally right? 

Well that scary statistic comes directing from a man who makes a living off of finding cheating spouses aka Mr. Daniel McBride, President of American Eagle Investigations.

We know it may sound extreme depending on the kind of relationship you’re in but after seeing those numbers hiring a private investigator may not be such a bad idea!

But just know if you’re really are about that stalker life be ready to be about them coins too! Hiring McBride will run you $90 an hour!

Anyways the NY Post sat down with McBride as well as Private Investigator, Barbara Wofford, and gave the real tea on how to catch a cheater!

Here’s what we learned:

When going about getting a private investigator be prepared to know basic info about your man/girl. If you can’t answer simple information like name, age, birthday chances are he isn’t your man! But anyways you can also provide your partner’s driver’s license plate, car type, place/time of work to make it easier to trail his azz!

Next when trying to catch a cheater it may take some time so hold on to your tazers and popcorn. But in the mean time if you’re looking for the signs of your bae cheating here are some red flags: 

1. If he starts working out randomly when his only excerise is normally how high he can raise his arm to put food in his mouth…. Something ain’t right!

2. If he starts changing up his style as in buying new clothes or even a new hairstyle … He might be trying to impress someone or found a new sugar momma!

3. SEX ! SEX ! SEX! That’s usually a dead give away. If he doesn’t want to do it or if he changes up how he does it … He’s probably making it nasty for someone else!

McBride also added, “If he’s guarding his phone and always has it on him so nobody can look at it — that can be suspicious. Or if he puts a code on his phone if there wasn’t one before or deletes his text messages or incoming calls. … Also, if the husband doesn’t want to have sex with his partner anymore or his sexual desires change suddenly, that’s a big sign.”

Wofford and McBride also say that if you strongly suspect your partner is getting something on the side, the odds are, you’re probably right. “Four out of five times, the person is cheating,” says Wofford. 

With that being said, would you hire a private investigator to settle your insecurities? Or you can hire TSR, we can find the tea on any and everyone ! Let’s chat below!


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