Jermaine Dupri Tells Self Service GTFOH For Stolen Beats Accusations

Producer Self Service Accuses Jermaine Dupri Of Stealing Beats, Jermaine Responds GTFOH

Jermaine Dupri wasn’t feeling accusations tossed around by producer Self Service during a recent podcast appearance. During a conversation about crediting music makers, Self Service claimed that Irv Gotti took credit for the production of What’s My Name by DMX without doing any of the actual work. Then, he rattled off a list of popular producers who he claims have also stolen beats.

“The going thing back then was Puff did it. Irv did it. I think DMY…no not DMY,” Self said. “Puff, Irv, Jermaine Dupri. Certain n*ggas that had them names and everybody thought they was the n****s, they was just getting beats from other n****s”


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Jermaine Slams Self Service: “Get The F**K Out Of Here With That S**t”

Jermaine didn’t hold his tongue lashing in response to Self. In a  two-minute video featuring Bryan Michael Cox, Jermaine said a friend named Rocko sent him the clip of Self’s comments.

“[Self] said in the 90s that it was a going thing for producers with a name to take ni****s beats. And he named Irv Gotti, he named Puff Daddy and he was bout to say DNY and I guess he thought about how they were gon beat his a** so he didn’t say their name, but then he said my name. N***a, get the f**k out of here with that s**t.”

Jermaine admitted that Bryan gave some precedence to the stolen beats convo. Bryan interrupted Jermaine’s explanation and confirmed that conversation “was a thing” in the 90s.

Jermaine jumped in saying, “and by the way, that might be true, but my n***a Self Service or whoever the f**k you is, don’t come over here. Don’t bring that sh*t over here with me. I make my beats, I write my songs. Me and Bryan we work together. This is what the f**k we do. Leave that sh*t to somebody else.”

Jermaine offered a final warning for anyone thinking of including his name in conversations about stolen music.

“And for anybody else out there thinking that, keep that s**t over there where y’all at man,” he said. “We make records over here, n****s go in the studio and do what the f**k we gotta do. If you ain’t never seen me in the studio, then don’t make that statement about me man. Get your information right.”



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