Racist Gunman, Dylann Roof's Online Manifesto of Hate Found

Racist Gunman, Dylann Roof’s Online Manifesto of Hate Found

Dylann Roof is hell-bent on starting that race war. How do we know? Well, the 21 year old mass murderer’s online manifesto of hate has been found! 

The site, which featured over 60 disturbing images, of which a picture of the gun used to murder the nine members of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina was included.

It is a journal by which Dylann was able to express (and incriminate) his feelings toward those of other races/ethnicities, namely Blacks, Asians, Jews, and Hispanics. It even chronicles the beginning of his white supremacist “awakening”, which was coincidently sparked by the murder of Trayvon Martin.

The revealing of this site comes on the heels of reports that the 21-year old had been premeditating his attack for months. 

According to a friend, Mr. Meek, who grew up in the same trailer park as Roof, the original target location was the College of Charleston, not the AME Church. However, Dylann was denied access to the campus by security, therefore, having to “settle” for the eventual massacre location. Another report accounts for the time Roof threatened black lives while drinking with his friends. Those same friends hid his alleged murder weapon, a Glock .45 in a nearby air conditioning unit for safe keep.

Even through the horrific events that took place at the hands of Dylann, some still find a way to sympathize with him. One judge has even gone as far as to insist we “pray” for the perpetrators family and loved ones, who are also “true victims.” Wow!

We’ll continue to watch and see where this newly unveiled site spells for the fate of the white supremacist. Stay tuned roommates!






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