Rapper YG Confirmed He's Having A Baby Girl With His Ex-Girlfriend! (Video Inside)

Rapper YG Confirmed He’s Having A Baby Girl With His Ex-Girlfriend! (Video Inside)


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(screenshot via @rapup Twitter)

Y’all remember when we reported that YG’s ex-girlfriend Caetlyn blasted him on Instagram? She claimed that she was hacked, but how did the hacker know she was pregnant? Caetlyn claimed that YG wanted her to have an abortion, and it so happens that YG has just confirmed in an interview with Hot 97 that he has a baby girl on the way. If you missed that TEA click here.

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YG says this is his first child and he was surprised when he found out. He wasn’t sure if the baby was his because he claims Caetlyn had been seeing other men. Well, they got that blood test and yes….it’s his. He’s having a daughter and she should be born around June 15th! Now can YG clear up Caetlyn’s other accusations? That TEA is still hot…we are waiting!

Watch the video below: