Ray J Is Going Green With 'Raytroniks' & You Should Too!

Ray J Is Going Green With ‘Raytroniks’ & You Should Too!

Roommates, how many of you are into fashion and high tech gadgets? What about exclusive products that were created to make you look good? Well, look no further, because Ray J has got you and his friends Stephen Curry, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have all endorsed his innovative business venture!

Back in April, Ray J launched his tech company, @Raytroniks, which features a very sleek line of alternative bikes. The Scoot-E-Bike (@scootebike) is the flagship product from #Raytroniks and was designed to save you thousands of dollars each year since it is powered by electricity. All you need is a USB port to charge it up and it won’t take you any more than 5 hours before you’re good to go! The fact that the Scoot-E-Bike is keyless and gets 30 miles to the charge only adds to its value.

The Scoot-E-Bike has already crushed $2 million in sales in just two months which means that the customers understand the value that these bikes provide and as you can see, Ray J is working diligently to prove that black men have a place in the advancement of technology, so you can expect more products very soon.

Legendary music mogul, Diddy, has also expressed extreme support for this young brother investing into technology and alternative transportation. The only problem he’s found is that Ray J needs to speed up production so that everyone at Bad Boy has a Scoot-E-Bike!

You’ve definitely hit the lotto with this one, so congratulations on all of your success, Ray J and keep up the good work!

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