Republican Senator Tim Scott Opened Up About Targeted By Police

Republican Senator Tim Scott Opened Up About Targeted By Police

The only black man in the Senate, South Carolina Sen. Tim. Scott, took to the Senate floor today to talk about how he was racially profiled by police for being black. He expressed the need for change and even spoke about how he was stopped by police seven times in just one year, when he was a senator!

According to Complex, Scott expressed his sorrow for the lives of those who was cut by the police from Eric Garner to Philando Castile.

“These are people lost forever…fathers, brothers, sons,” Scott said

Commonly in the media when a black man is kiled by police officers, most news outlets start trying to justify the shooting by pulling out criminal records, and Sen. Tim Scott isn’t here for it.

He believes that even if you have a criminal past it “should not sentence you to death.”

Sen. Scott also touched on his on run with the police. He said he was stopped by police officer because he didn’t believe he was a senator.. Fix it Jesus!

He also talked about being followed by an officer and eventually being pulled over after making a fourth turn!

Sen. Scott couldn’t even catch a break at work because he was targeted there as well while entering the capital gate, with a pin that only senators have.

“‘The pin I know. You, I don’t. Show me your ID,'” the officer said, according to Scott.

Scott said he received a phone call from the officers supervisor saying he was sorry and that this wasn’t the first time he’s gotten a call like that.

We have to fix this system roommates!