Rev. Al Sharpton Reveals Strict One Meal A Day Diet Of Kale Salad

Rev. Al Sharpton Reveals Strict One Meal A Day Diet Of Kale Salad

Whew! Reverend Al Sharpton has been keeping that bawdy right and tight for a lil’ while now and his results have not gone unnoticed. Now, the famous reverend is giving y’all the tea about his secret to keeping his body lean.

After being spotted at Sylvia’s, one of Harlem’s most famous soul food restaurants, Rev. Sharpton revealed that he abides by a strict one meal a day diet and has been doing so for about four years, according to Page Six.

Instead of eating at Sylvia’s, Sharpton whipped out his own meal–a kale salad with boiled eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers,” and explained that his goal is to remain healthy after previously weighing in at a whopping 305 pounds.

I eat around noon every day, and that’s it. I have the salad and at night, I may have one slice of whole wheat toast because my doctor said I have to have some kind of protein.”

Sharpton revealed that eating kale and working out to keep his weight down was a “cold turkey” decision for him.

At my height–maybe 12 years ago–I weighed 205 pounds. Today, I’m 132 pounds. I just made up my mind, and I just did it. Cold turkey.”

In a 2019 interview with GQ, Sharpton spoke about how his decision to improve his health through staying active caused him to go viral. Sharpton posted a gym selfie to the ‘gram, which prompted him to start posting inspirational morning messages.

I’ll tell you a funny thing: Jay Z did a song, and he was talking about trying to get himself together. So Ive been doing messages with my selfies every morning when I workout. It makes a person feel good, and it hooks you into a generation that understands, yeah, he may be in his 60s, but he knows how to deal with our kind of communication. So it works.”