Road Rage Turns Into Fatal Shooting 

Road Rage Turns Into Fatal Shooting 

Most drivers at some point experience some kind of road rage. A Florida man decided to take his road rage way further than a few cuss words.

Robert Doyle was driving his truck when he called 911 saying that another driver was trying to “run him off the road.”

The other driver was Candelerio Gonzalez and his wife, daughter and grandson. His wife also called 911 to report that another motorist was “driving like an idiot.”

(Gonzalez and wife pictured above)

Gonzalez ended up doing what you shouldn’t do when involved in road rage, he followed Doyle to his residence.

Even the 911 operator replied with “no, no, no” as he told them of his plans to follow Doyle to his residence to get his address.

While still on the 911 call, Doyle told the operator “they’re following me to my house … And the guns are already out.” He was referring to the firearms in his car.

Gonzalez parked his car and approached Doyle at his residence right before Doyle pulled out his gun and shot him.

Doyle also proceeded to hold Mrs. Gonzalez and her daughter at gun point until the police arrived.

(Doyle pictured above)

Doyle was charged with second degree murder and released on from jail on $60,000 bond.

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