ROOMMATE TALK: Dear TSR, I Think I Figured Out Why Safaree Doesn't Get Any Love During His Performances!!

ROOMMATE TALK: Dear TSR, I Think I Figured Out Why Safaree Doesn’t Get Any Love During His Performances!!

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Dear TSR, 

So I’m a club promoter from NY and I had the honor of hosting a b day party for King Dezzo and Queen Enisha last night at Club Amazura in Queens. The party was too lit!!!  We had 2MILLY perform [Mr. Milly Rock ] and also Safaree. See now here’s the thing about Nicki’s ex…He’s not bad but mmmmm he’s more on the “different” side, you feel me. He came out all hype which is cute and all but ummmm nobody knew his music, so it was hard to get into his performance. It’s like why you out here doing shows knowing dam well ain’t nobody know not one of your songs!! It was dry as hell because of that. And the one song we do know ( that song that was about Nicki) he ain’t want to perform so it’s like he probably is salty that his name is only hot whenever Nicki has something to do with it.

But that wasn’t even the worse part !!! I guess someone told him that it would be cool to have someone spray a fire extinguisher that was blowing out air or fog or mist for some sort of special effect. That thang was nothing but a hot flaming mess and pretty annoying !! Anyways no shade but I see heart in dude, he does have a nice little flow but he just needs to get it together with his marketing and get more songs out before he decides to do anymore performances. It will definitely save him the embarrassment.


Concerned Promoter