ROOMMATE TALK: Dear TSR, Karlie Redd's Store Is Still A Hot Mess!!

ROOMMATE TALK: Dear TSR, Karlie Redd’s Store Is Still A Hot Mess!!

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Dear TSR,

So I decided to stop by Merci (Karlie Redd’s store) on Sunday. First off, all the clothes look hella cheap but they are priced as super expensive stripper clothes! But anywhooo guess who I saw working the registers looking like a regular employee!! Karlie!! She tried to help customers but girl she ain’t have nothing in stock! How do you run a clothing store with barely any clothes in it? If it wasn’t already out on the floor then you were out of luck. She would go on the phone pretending like she was calling for more sizes but if it was that easy then she should have called from when inventory was first running low! You can also see she was pretty overwhelmed between all the customers. She ran right into a table and damn near busted her azz when she was trying to run back to the register to help this one man out. But then again that’s her fault since she only had one other employee there and she barely looked like she has ever worked retail before! 


When we tried to take a picture with her she said the mall wouldn’t allow her to take pictures with customers and that taking a picture isn’t worth losing her store. Girl bye, if your store closed down it would be doing you a favor! Maybe if you wasn’t so shady to Erica you would have had an extra hand to help you! Boop!




Anonymous Shopper